Patient care process - The assessment


Patient care process - The assessment
Oral presentation


Palma Sgueglia1, Chiara Grillo1, Zlatka Dimitrova2, Kalina Andreevska2, Emil Hristov2 , Tzvetomir Dlyiski2
1University of Naples “Federico II”, Italy
2 Faculty of Chemistry and Pharmacy, Sofia University "St. Kliment Ohridski", Bulgaria


Introduction: Pharmaceutical care is a practice in which the practitioner takes responsibility for a patient's drug-related needs, and is held accountable for this commitment. The three major steps in the patient care process are the assessment of the patient, his or her medical problems, and drug therapies leading to drug therapy problem identification; care plan development; and follow-up evaluations. Aim: To present the assessment of the patient as a step from the pharmaceutical care process. Materials and methods: documental analysis has been used. Results: Patient care requires time, commitment, knowledge, skills, and compassion. When managing a patient's medications, the assessment step will require most of your time and energy. The assessment is the most important step in the care process because it establishes a relationship and the direction, urgency, and resources that will be committed to a patient's drug-related needs. Understanding a patient's medication experience depends on the quality of the therapeutic relationship established between the pharmacists and the patient. Conclusions: As a pharmaceutical care the practitioner bring new knowledge and skills to patient care. He will contribute in many ways, but essentially he is adding and verifying the clinical appropriateness of the indication for every medication, the medication's effectiveness and safety, and the patient's compliance. He also contributing uniquely by the identification of the patient's drug therapy problems. This straightforward approach to managing medications places all of his patients' drug therapies into a rational context and greatly increases the probability of positive patient outcomes.
Keywords: Pharmaceutical care, patient care process, assessment