Origin and progress of the Celtic medicine and drug science


Origin and progress of the Celtic medicine and drug science


Ilian Dimitrov
Faculty of Chemistry and Pharmacy, Sofia University


The aim of the research: To prove the influence of the Celtic civilization over the progress of the medicine and pharmacy as we follow the development of the ideas and the methods underlying in the traditional Celtic medicine. Materials and methods: Historical method is applied and a documental analysis was carried out. Results: The Celts and their culture are an object of historical research due to their considerable contribution to the progress of the European civilization. Celts impress with their rich knowledge in the fields of medicine and drug science. By following the ideas chronologically one can understand the origin and the further progress of the Celtic folk medicine – at first a primitive doctrine, a combination of religious rituals and odd healing practices. Subsequently it becomes a science, based on the rational use and excellent knowledge of plant and animal medicinal substances and their properties, as well as being well acquainted with human anatomy and physiology. The perfecting of surgical techniques and the initiation of regulation of the doctor's profession show the high health culture of the Celts and the prioritization of healthcare. Discussion: Undeniable is the relation between the high level of advancement of the Celtic civilization and the progress of the Celtic medicine and drug science, which undoubtedly have contributed to the improvement of the two sciences in Medieval Europe.
Keywords: Celts, Celtic folk medicine, drug science