Development and history of pharmaceutical care in Ancient Greece


Development and history of pharmaceutical care in Ancient Greece


Darin Todorov1, Aleksandra Vezenkova2
1Faculty of Chemistry and Pharmacy, SU "St. Kliment Ohridski", Sofia, Bulgaria
2Master's Faculty, Department of Law, New Bulgarian University, Sofia, Bulgaria


The physical and mental well-being of the individual has concerned people for centuries. Caring for human health begins with prayers to the gods, passes through the use of natural resources and reaches human inventions and discoveries. Medical science has come a long way in its development from ancient times to today. The beginning is set by religion, with the first healers being priests who practiced in religious temples. The aim of the study is to present the development of pharmaceutical science by analyzing historical sources and evaluating the contributions of ancient Greek philosophers and scientists. Materials and methods: We analyzed scientific literature, performed documentary and "content" analyses. Results: The concept of human well-being and health care, with care for the body and mind, dates back to Ancient Greece. The foundations of medical and pharmaceutical science are the theories of ancient philosophers, among which the "father of medicine" Hippocrates occupies a leading place. The works and practice of the ancient Greeks give cause for reflection and guidelines for the development of medicine and medical ethics, by creating and describing methods for diagnosis, prevention and treatment of diseases, application of herbs and medicinal plants and use of technical means for medical purposes. Humanity turns to science and stops relying on the mercy of the gods - reason takes precedence. Conclusion: Undoubtedly, ancient civilizations made a significant contribution to the development of pharmacy. The ancient Greeks were able to turn their backs on prayers and turn to reason in search of solutions to improve human health. Their theories continue to influence science and thinking today.
Keywords: ancient Greek medicine, philosophical theories, pharmaceutical care